Yes, You Can Get An 'Eat Pizza' Emote In Final Fantasy XIV

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Remember erstwhile we utilized to bid pizza transportation wrong EverQuest II? Final Fantasy XIV is teaming up with GrubHub to connection a caller “Eat Pizza” emote for those that usage Grubhub’s transportation work from December 9 to December 15. And with all that clip you walk waiting successful queue to play, you’re definite to enactment up a almighty appetite! The archetypal 20,000 orders that redeem the codification ENDWALKER astatine checkout not lone get the emote, but they besides get escaped transportation connected the bid (up to $6).

All participants get the Eat Pizza emote connected December 17th, which tin past beryllium redeemed connected a Final Fantasy XIV account. You could astir apt get a codification and springiness it to a person for the holidays oregon something, fixed however this works aft you bid food. Even though the emote is pizza-related, you tin bid thing (as agelong arsenic the bid is implicit $15) for the purposes of scoring the emote code. As you whitethorn beryllium playing Final Fantasy XIV, I’d urge thing that won’t get your controller oregon rodent greasy. The emote itself is definite to beryllium the tallness of manner successful each those caller Endwalker dungeons and raids. You tin cheque retired the afloat promotion details here.

Have you been playing Endwalker? Are you trying retired the Reaper oregon the Sage? Is a pizza emote an awesome summation to the chill actions you tin bash in-game, a motion of the apocalypse, oregon conscionable thing to bash betwixt feeding your Chocobo? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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