Why Newsom Said No to These Bills

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Proposals the politician vetoed included decriminalizing jaywalking, boosting family-leave payments and expanding assemblage fiscal aid.

Soumya Karlamangla

Oct. 20, 2021, 8:57 a.m. ET


Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians successful  downtown Sacramento.
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Here’s a look astatine the failed proposals and wherefore Newsom vetoed them:

Assembly Bill 1238: Decriminalizing jaywalking

This measure would person removed fines for crossing the thoroughfare extracurricular of a crosswalk unless there’s imminent danger. Supporters said that the constabulary utilized jaywalking laws arsenic pretext to detain radical for nary bully reason.

But Newsom disquieted the instrumentality could unintentionally summation the state’s already precocious complaint of pedestrian fatalities.

He wrote successful his veto that helium was committed to moving connected authorities “that addresses the unequal enforcement of jaywalking laws successful a mode that does not hazard worsening California’s pedestrian safety.”

A.B. 122: Allowing cyclists to rotation done halt signs

Newsom besides made a information statement for this bill, which would person allowed cyclists to dainty halt signs arsenic yields. Supporters had said it was a common-sense measurement that’s already been enactment into spot successful different parts of the country.

But the politician said helium feared that the authorities intended to summation bicyclist information would person “the other effect.”

A.B. 123: Boosting family-leave payments

This measure would person accrued however overmuch wealth workers person portion taking paid household leave. Currently, the payments are excessively tiny for low-wage workers to spend to instrumentality vantage of the benefit, CalMatters reports.

But successful his veto message, Newsom said the enlargement would make important caller costs for workers and the state.

The bill’s author, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, responded successful a statement: “Until we marque reforms to the program, low- and middle-income families volition proceed to beryllium near behind, portion their taxation dollars subsidize paid household permission for higher-income workers.”

A.B. 1456: Expanding assemblage fiscal aid

This measurement would person importantly loosened eligibility requirements for assemblage fiscal assistance truthful that tens of thousands of further students could person assistance.

But Newsom deemed the proposal, expected to outgo betwixt $85 cardinal to $175 cardinal a year, excessively pricey. In his veto, helium suggested that specified a alteration beryllium made done the yearly budgeting process.


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A.B. 616: Allowing farmworkers to ballot to unionize by mail

Under this measure, farmworkers would person been capable to message successful oregon driblet disconnected ballot cards for national elections with the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board office, alternatively of having to ballot successful person.

This year’s largest blaze, the Dixie fire, created its ain weather. We amusement you successful 3-D.


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This broccoli and Cheddar soup.


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A new publication by Adam Schiff, a Democratic congressman from California.

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Monarch butterflies, which typically migrate to the West Coast up of winter, erstwhile numbered successful the millions successful California. But past year, less than 2,000 were recovered on the state’s coast.

In caller months, however, biology groups person spotted much of the distinctive orange-and-black butterflies than they did successful 2020, USA Today reports.

“These are precise aboriginal numbers, truthful we request to beryllium cautious to not work excessively overmuch into this,” Scott Hoffman Black, enforcement manager of the conservation radical Xerces Society, told the quality outlet. “But the numbers bash lend immoderate anticipation that we could spot a flimsy rebound.”

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