Wellness Editors’ Picks: Stocking Stuffers Under $100

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In concern with our friends astatine Dame Products

One of the perks of being a wellness exertion astatine goop is we get to effort a batch of caller products—from chic kettlebells to saffron lattes to thoughtfully designed vibrators—and marque enactment of the champion of the best.

That translates to immoderate genuinely inspired gifting. We curated immoderate caller wellness favorites that conscionable stocking stuffer criteria: Everything present is physically small, little than $100, and definite to please. Our advice? Grab multiples.

Kiki Koroshetz - Senior wellness director

Kiki Koroshetz

Senior wellness director

  1. “Okay, so, this is my favourite palm-style vibrator. It’s precise brushed and the astir bendy 1 I’ve tried. It’s an fantabulous enactment if you’re looking for a vibrator that fits successful the thenar of your manus but you don’t similar the feeling of ace aggravated vibration connected your hand. And yet it’s beardown enough. It has 5 antithetic intensities and 5 antithetic patterns. It’s waterproof and rechargeable. If I could alert astir connected a sleigh and driblet 1 into each my friends’ stockings, you cognize I would.”

  2. Dame Products Pom Vibrator goop, $95

    Dame Products Pom Vibrator goop, $95


  1. “The lone happening I’ve written astir much than vibrators connected goop.com is my heavy obsession with oral attraction and Cocofloss. I’ve fixed radical Cocofloss the past respective years. But now, an further enactment for the oral-care aficionado: UMA makes immoderate of the champion quality and wellness products, and we person its lipid pulling attraction successful the store this season. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic oral-care signifier akin to utilizing mouthwash, but better, obviously. After you brushwood your teeth, you instrumentality a spoonful of lipid and swish it astir your rima portion you get dressed and spell done your tegument care. This is simply a minty blend of sesame and coconut oil, positive neem, clove, and turmeric.”

  2. Uma Pure Detox Oil Pulling Kit goop, $36

    UMA Pure Detox Oil Pulling Kit goop, $36


Kelly Martin -  Associate editor

Kelly Martin

Associate editor

  1. “There are excessively galore radical successful my beingness who don’t cognize what ashwagandha is. And I’m reasoning the Focus chocolates from FX mightiness beryllium conscionable the close introduction. They’re formulated with 300 milligrams of ashwagandha extract, which supports intelligence absorption and the body’s effect to stress. Everyone’s getting a box, but I’m particularly excited to springiness 1 to my roommate. I’ve swallowed up an full room support with each my herbs, teas, and tinctures, and this is my (delicious) bid to bring her connected board.”*

  2. FX Chocolate FX Focus goop, $40

    FX Chocolate FX Focus goop, $40


  1. “I utilized to springiness everyone candles astir the holidays. But a mates years ago, aft a achromatic elephant enactment wherever everybody brought a candle—it was hilarious—I was like, I person to premix this up. These days, I banal up connected incense instead. It holds connected to that lukewarm and cozy origin everyone loves, and it smells great, too. Depending connected whom I’m buying for, I brace it with a pretty incense holder oregon a tarot deck.”

  2. Cinnamon Projects 4PM Incense goop, $30

    Cinnamon Projects 4 PM Incense goop, $30


Gerda Endemann -  Senior director, subject   and research

Gerda Endemann

Senior director, subject and research

  1. “Nerd Alert is 1 of my favourite goop products. It does triple duty: It’s my after-lunch assistance for focusing calmly connected work, a café au lait–flavored indulgence, and my go-to gift. It’s formulated with caffeine and L-theanine—an amino acerb recovered successful tea—and the operation is amended than caffeine alone.”*

  2. goop Wellness Nerd Alert goop, $30 for 30/$55 for 60

    goop Wellness Nerd Alert goop, $30 for 30/$55 for 60


  1. “Ear seeds blur the enactment betwixt wellness and fashion, and they’re a batch of fun. These golden and pearl receptor seeds are self-adhesive, which makes them casual to spot connected acupressure points connected the ears. The kit comes with a usher to 10 communal acupressure points from accepted Chinese medicine, truthful you tin take your ain adventure. And the pearl seeds lend themselves to immoderate superior style. Jackie Kennedy said it best: ‘Pearls are always appropriate.’”

  2. WTHN Pearl Ear Seeds goop, $45

    WTHN Pearl Ear Seed Kit goop, $45


Jessie Geoffray -  Senior editor

Jessie Geoffray

Senior editor

  1. “I speech astir this vitamin D spray astir arsenic overmuch arsenic Kiki talks astir Cocofloss. It provides astir 4 times the recommended regular worth of vitamin D. It comes successful a chic bottle. It tastes bully and faintly of citrus. And vitamin D promotes steadfast immune function, supports calcium and phosphorus absorption, and helps support steadfast bones and teeth. What’s a amended acquisition than that?”*

  2. The Nue Co Vitamin D Spray goop, $25

    The Nue Co. Vitamin D Spray goop, $25


  1. “I’m a large advocator for these slumber chews, which decidedly gain their name. True story: When our subject and probe squad was archetypal processing them, I offered to effort fractional of 1 astatine the office. (Why? No idea.) I had to instrumentality a Lyft location an hr aboriginal due to the fact that I was falling dormant astatine my desk. They’re that good. My look for a bully chews acquisition is to instrumentality lone one, bash it earlier 10 p.m., and don’t premix with alcohol. The past person I talented these chews to called them a ‘warm embrace,’ which is precisely correct.”*

  2. goop Wellness Knock Me Out goop, $30 for 30/$55 for 60

    goop Wellness Knock Me Out goop, $30 for 30/$55 for 60


Denise John -  Senior subject   editor

Denise John

Senior subject editor

  1. “Rooibos chai is my favourite herbal tea. When I’m taking my clip to savor it, I wrapper my hands astir the mug, fto the steam drift onto my face, and sip it portion it’s conscionable beneath burn-my-tongue hot. I emotion to adhd frothed oat beverage with honey, too. Equitea’s Herbal Chai is simply a comforting blend of reddish rooibos, cinnamon, clove, allspice, cardamom, and nutmeg.”

  2. Equitea Comfort Herbal Chai Blend goop, $14

    Equitea Comfort Herbal Chai Blend goop, $14


  1. “It’s been years since I’ve worked successful a lab, but I’m inactive an experimenter astatine heart. Lately I’ve been investigating indispensable oils to spot which ones I similar best. Luckily, I don’t person to constitute methodology for these experiments. Instead, I play astir to find retired which ones vibe champion with my energy. Daughter Alchemy’s Heart Salve smells astonishing and comes successful a cute vessel with a roll-on applicator. It’s convenient anytime I request to boost self-compassion, which is fundamentally each the time.”

  2. Daughter Alchemy Heart Salve goop, $98

    Daughter Alchemy Heart Salve goop, $98



*These statements person not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, oregon forestall immoderate disease.

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