Warming Vibrators, Lubes, and Massage Oils for Enhanced Pleasure

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Temperature and pleasance are intimately connected. Temperature affects however our bodies consciousness touch, pressure, and pain—all linked to however we consciousness pleasure. And the clitoris, vulva, and vagina are peculiarly delicate to temperature. As their somesthesia increases, much humor flows, causing them to grow and go progressively aroused. We tin assistance with this process by adding a small warmth. Whether it’s with a heated vibrator, warming lube, oregon a melting massage, mildly expanding the somesthesia tin heighten pleasure.

Heated Vibrators

Vibration coupled with gentle vigor tin heighten sensual pleasure.

The Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator

We designed our caller Ultraplush Self-Heating G-Spot Vibrator to maximize pleasance portion exploring your G-spot—an erogenous portion located adjacent to the basal of your clitoris. The G-spot is stimulated internally, typically by applying persistent stroking unit aft you’re already aroused. And our vibrator is curved astatine the cleanable space for exploring the area, with dual-density silicone that gives the extremity an ultraplush feeling. Its self-heating relation mildly warms the vibrator to conscionable supra assemblage temperature, which promotes humor flow—ideal for intersexual well-being. The 10 vibration modes present a assortment of sensations, from a gentle tingling to an aggravated rumbling, with galore pleasurable combinations successful between.

  1. goop Ultraplush Self-Heating G-Spot Vibrator

    goop Wellness Ultraplush
    G-Spot Vibrator
    goop, $89


Sexual Fitness

Tabu’s vibrator has a creaseless silicone covering with a sleek design. With the property of a button, it heats to ninety-seven degrees Fahrenheit, which encourages section humor flow. It’s meant to beryllium utilized arsenic portion of a fittingness regular to assistance support steadfast intersexual function. The vibrator pairs beautifully with the Kit’s water-based lubricant, made with aloe leaf, peony root, passionflower, and hyaluronic acid. (This lube tin beryllium safely utilized with latex and polyisoprene condoms.)

  1. Tabu
              THE KIT

    Tabu THE KIT goop, $135


Warming Lubes

Looking to vigor things up adjacent further? Enjoy your heated vibrator with a warm lubricant.


The Pulse Warmer mildly heats your lube for added sensual pleasure. It’s designed to brace with Pulse pods, similar the H2Oh! Personal Lubricant and Spoil Me Massage Oil Pulse Pods. It comes with 4 H2Oh! pods. Just popular 1 of the pods into the warmer, property a button, and aft 1 minute, clasp your fingers nether the dispenser—it touchlessly delivers a dollop of lukewarm lubricant. No slippery lube bottles to fumble astir with. Bonus: The warmer automatically turns disconnected an hr aft the past use.

  1. Pulse
              Pulse Warmer

    Pulse Pulse Warmer goop, $199


Refill It

When you’re acceptable to restock, there’s a six-pod refill pack. The H2Oh! lubricant is water-based and made with an integrated chia effect extract; it’s hydrating and glides connected smoothly with nary sticky residue. It’s made without parabens oregon added fragrance, and it’s compatible with enactment toys of each types (including silicone ones), arsenic good arsenic latex and polyisoprene condoms. You tin dispense the lube from the pods manually, but erstwhile you popular 1 into the Pulse Warmer, it doles retired a warm, perfectly portioned magnitude onto your fingers, acceptable to use.

  1. Pulse
              H2Oh! Personal Lubricant (6 Pack Refill)

    Pulse H2Oh! Personal Lubricant (6 Pack Refill) goop, $30


Melting Massage

While you’re astatine it, springiness your full assemblage immoderate warming love.

Double the Pleasure

Light this candle and the blend of argan oil, coconut oil, and shea food melts (just a fewer degrees supra assemblage temperature) into a nourishing lipid that tin beryllium poured straight connected your tegument for a warm, soothing massage lipid that leaves your tegument feeling nurtured and gorgeously soft.

  1. Seed To Skin The Massage Candle

    Seed to Skin The Massage Candle goop, $65


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