Timuel Black, Strategist and Organizer for Black Chicago, Dies at 102

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He assembled attendees of the March connected Washington, mentored a young Barack Obama and wielded the solidarity of the South Side arsenic a instrumentality for governmental power.

The historiographer  and governmental  activistic  Timuel Black astatine  his location  successful  Chicago successful  2009. His galore  encounters with past  included his mentorship of a young Barack Obama.
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Oct. 17, 2021, 12:07 p.m. ET

Timuel Black, who mobilized the governmental powerfulness of the predominantly Black South Side of Chicago, taught others — including a young Barack Obama — however to bash the same, and successful his last decades compiled oral histories giving dependable to his community’s Black moving class, died connected Wednesday astatine his location connected the South Side. He was 102.

His wife, Zenobia Johnson-Black, said the origin was prostate cancer.

In 1955, soon aft helium had begun his vocation arsenic a precocious schoolhouse and assemblage teacher, Professor Black saw the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivering a sermon connected television. He was truthful moved that helium instantly flew to Alabama, his birthplace, to conscionable Dr. King, who was much than a decennary his junior. In the coming years, helium helped physique enactment networks for Dr. King portion commuting betwixt Chicago and Alabama.

In the South, Professor Black besides met the labour person A. Philip Randolph. After Mr. Randolph established the Negro American Labor Council, an advocacy organization, helium enlisted Professor Black successful 1960 to tally its Chicago division. In 1963, Mr. Randolph and Dr. King enactment Professor Black successful complaint of organizing residents of Chicago to be the March connected Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

“Dr. King sensed that helium needed america elders and the galore who, similar me, had our practice successful the South, our families having fled the South, and who had experienced the segregated army,” Professor Black wrote successful his memoir, “Sacred Ground: The Chicago Streets of Timuel Black,” published successful 2019. “And I needed the leadership.”

In 1975, aft decades moving astatine precocious schools, mostly successful Chicago, helium became a prof of sociology, anthropology and Black past astatine Loop College, which was aboriginal renamed Harold Washington College.

That sanction alteration was 1 of galore section developments that mightiness ne'er person occurred without Professor Black’s inheritance maneuvering.

In 1982, Harold Washington, a person of Professor Black’s from his youth, represented their vicinity successful the House of Representatives. Professor Black and others suggested that helium tally for mayor. In his memoir, Professor Black recalled that Mr. Washington laughed successful response.

“Sure,” Mr. Washington said. “If you get 50,000 caller Black voters, and rise a 100 1000 dollars, past I’ll see it.”

Professor Black started a fund-raising thrust and helped signifier a elector registration campaign. Ultimately, helium and his radical told Mr. Washington that they had travel up with 263,000 caller voters and much than $1 million.

In 1983, Mr. Washington became Chicago’s archetypal Black mayor. Four years aboriginal helium was re-elected. Loop College was renamed successful his grant aft helium died, portion inactive successful office, successful 1987.

Professor Black’s past large brushwood with past came successful his mentorship, starting successful the 1990s, of a young Barack Obama.

“He talked to maine for hours,” Professor Black recalled successful his memoir astir 1 gathering astatine an Italian edifice connected the South Side, “asking 1 question aft different astir however to physique a governmental basal connected the South Side.”

Even though Mr. Obama “could not codification power to Black English,” Professor Black said, helium introduced him to different figures successful Chicago authorities who, helium wrote, “helped him a lot.”

In Mr. Obama’s predetermination arsenic president successful 2008, Professor Black saw the spot of his vicinity and its Black community. “We had a Black president, idiosyncratic who, though not primitively from the South Side, could lone person reached those heights via the South Side, done my Sacred Ground,” helium wrote, utilizing the aforesaid statement for the South Side that helium included successful the rubric of his memoir.

In a statement published aft Professor Black’s death, Mr. Obama wrote, “Tim was a testament to the powerfulness of place, and however the enactment we bash to amended 1 assemblage tin extremity up reverberating done different neighborhoods and different cities, yet changing the world.”


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Timuel Dixon Black Jr. was calved connected Dec. 7, 1918, successful Birmingham, Ala. When helium was an infant, his parents moved to Chicago, hoping to find amended enactment opportunities and to flight the panic of Southern radical oppression.

All of Professor Black’s grandparents, including the grandma who helped rise him, had been enslaved. His father, known arsenic Dixie, worked arsenic a sharecropper successful the South and astatine alloy mills and stockyards successful Chicago until the Great Depression, erstwhile helium did unusual jobs for neighbors. Professor Black’s mother, Mattie (McConner) Black, was a homemaker.

Professor Black was drafted into the Army successful 1943 and fought connected D-Day and successful the Battle of the Bulge. Before his honorable discharge, helium besides visited the Buchenwald attraction campy adjacent Weimar, Germany.

“This is what happened to my ancestors,” Professor Black recalled reasoning astatine the time. “I made an affectional determination that erstwhile I returned from the Army, that astir of the remainder of my beingness would beryllium spent trying to marque wherever I live, and the bigger world, a spot wherever each radical could person bid and justice.”

After helium returned home, Professor Black graduated with a bachelor’s grade successful sociology from Roosevelt University successful Chicago. He went connected to survey sociology and past astatine the University of Chicago and received a master’s grade determination successful 1954.

Professor Black’s archetypal 2 marriages ended successful divorce. In summation to his wife, helium is survived by his daughter, Ermetra Black Thomas. His son, Timuel Kerrigan Black, died of AIDS successful 1993, and his stepson, Anthony Said Johnson, was fatally changeable successful a robbery successful 2002.

During his last decades, Professor Black was mostly engaged successful producing 2 volumes of “Bridges of Memory,” an oral past connected the migration of Black radical to Chicago, and his memoir, which was itself a benignant of oral history, assembled with the assistance of the Chicago assemblage activistic Susan Klonsky. These accounts mightiness not person been verified done archival research, but Professor Black argued that his memories, and those of his chap Black Chicagoans, had a worth of their own.

“This process of idiosyncratic valuation whitethorn service to assistance the contiguous and aboriginal generations recognize the distinctive qualities of the idiosyncratic lives arsenic good arsenic the corporate beingness of Black people successful Chicago,” helium wrote successful his memoir. “They mightiness get this oregon that information wrong, but this is however they remembered it.”

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