Press Release occasions composing

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If you're in a business that publishes press releases, then you understand the need to create a strong pitch. If not, then it's time to learn how to construct one.

Press Release occasions composing

Press Release occasions composing is the process of creating a Press Release Pricing for your business. It’s a way to inform journalists, bloggers, and other media outlets about your products or services.

Press releases are commonly used by companies to get their message out there in front of potential customers. With the help of an experienced PR agency, you can reach thousands of people who might be interested in purchasing your product or service at no cost to yourself!

There are several different types of press release pricing models available today:

  • PRWeb Pricing - This is one type we recommend because it's simple enough for most businesses without being too expensive or complicated

Most Common Press Release Opportunities

The most common press release opportunities include:

  • New product/service.

  • Website launch.

  • Award/achievement.

  • New customer/client.

  • Large events (conferences, etc.).

  • Book launch or publication of thought leadership articles

New Product/Service

A new product or service is a great way to get Business Wire Pricing coverage as it allows you to write about something new and different. You can do this in the first person, or use third-person hyperbole. For example:

"The new iPhone XS has been released and it's amazing! Read more here."

Alternatively, if you're looking for something more realistic than an idealized product description (ie: "the best phone ever"), you could use some of these tactics:

  • Include photos of what your product looks like (or at least screenshots). This will give readers a better idea of what they're getting into before purchasing. You could also show off some features without necessarily telling them about them—a good tactic if you're selling premium items such as cars or apartments!

  • Include videos on how users are using their products or services; this will help create an emotional connection between yourself and whoever reads your article!

Website Launch

  • A press release should be written in a way that is relevant to the audience.

  • A press release should be written in a way that is easy to read.

  • You should include a quote from the person who was involved in the website launch, if possible (the more quotes you have, the better).


  • Award: A product or service that has been given to you by someone else. For example, if you were awarded a scholarship for your outstanding academic achievement, that would be an award.

  • Achievement: It's something that you did yourself and is proud of (like graduating college). You can also use it to describe a goal or result achieved through hard work and dedication!

  • Product Launch: This describes the process by which an organization introduces new products or services into the marketplace in order for them to become available for purchase by consumers (customers). For example, if McDonald's announces they'll be releasing new burgers on their menu this month—they're launching their new product launch!

Website Launch: This describes any type of website redesign involving website content changes made at no cost by someone other than its owner (usually done by professionals). Examples might include updating header images or adding additional functionality like video streaming capabilities so users can watch content without having to leave their desktops/laptops/smartphones just because they want more info about what's going on out there right now."

A new customer/client

When you're writing a PRNewswire Cost, it's important to keep three things in mind:

  • The newsworthy aspect of your new customer/client. You want to tell them something they haven't heard before, or at least something they haven't heard before from you or your company. If it's something that could be construed as negative (such as fraud), make sure to add some context as well. For example: "We are excited about our partnership with XYZ Company because we see great potential for growth."

  • How does this relate to your company? What makes this partnership unique? How does it play into what you do best? This is where some thoughtfulness will go a long way toward making sure everything fits together nicely when presenting your message—and getting coverage from journalists who care about what matters most!

  • How does this relate to your target market? Who are these people and why should we pay attention (or maybe even write about them)?

Large events (conferences, etc)

Large events (conferences, trade shows, expos) are the perfect place to get press. If you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and get your message across while also making an impression on potential customers, conferences are the best place to start.

When pitching at any kind of event that requires coverage by the media (such as conferences), it is important that you keep in mind what type of information would interest them most: who is speaking? What interests them about this speaker/panelist's topic? How can they help them reach their audience better than competitors?

You should aim not only at getting yourself known as someone who has something valuable to say but also helping other people learn something new from what they've seen or heard from others present at said event(s).

Book launch or publication of thought leadership articles

  • Book launch:

  • Publishing of thought leadership articles:

  • Publication of research:

  • Publication of industry reports and white papers.

Think about something that your company has actually done and utilized that as the basis to create a PR pitch. Don't make it up or try to achieve something specifically to have something to pitch.

Think about something that your company has actually done and utilized that as the basis to create a PR pitch. Don't make it up or try to achieve something specifically to have something to pitch.

If you're not sure, think about:

  • A recent achievement or milestone (e.g., a new product launch)

  • An upcoming event (e.g., conference)

  • A client relationship that is developing into something more substantial (e.g., work with us!)


In a Marketwired Pricing pitch, you need to have a solid point of why your company is noticeable. You need to be able to support that with data and facts. If you don't have anything to say about the topic or topic then there is no point in writing it up at all!

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