Navigating Your Astrological Chart with Chani Nicholas

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In concern with our friends astatine Porsche

To imagination is to ideate a satellite afloat of possibility. To recognize a imagination is to crook those ideas—big oregon small—into reality. We teamed up with Porsche to make the Drive Series: 3 bite-size workshops that screen antithetic tools for navigating our dreams and the challenges and opportunities that travel with them.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas—author of You Were Born for This and creator of the CHANI app—says that your commencement illustration tin service arsenic a roadworthy representation for your life, a instrumentality to amended recognize yourself and wherever you privation to spell next. Of course, it’s a analyzable roadworthy map. Astrology is much than prima signs. Astrological rhythms, Nicholas explains, person been the underpinning of the beingness and our lives since the opening of time.

No 1 contextualizes astrology much poetically than Nicholas, who astatine the aforesaid clip shares however you, personally, tin usage the past strategy and contented to fig retired your ain life. In this nine-minute video workshop—the archetypal successful our caller Drive Series with Porsche—Nicholas explains however astrology tin uncover patterns successful our lives. She explains however the sun, moon, rising, and ascendents enactment unneurotic to reenforce your way and signifier your life’s purpose. Astrology, she says, tin assistance america unpack our dreams a time astatine a time.

To excavation deeper, we besides invited Nicholas to articulation america successful idiosyncratic astatine our adjacent In goop Health summit, connected November 7. We’re going each successful with Porsche for a afloat time of conversations and workshops that volition research much ways to harness our imaginable and observe dreams of each kinds. And yes, it is existent that we volition beryllium discovering immoderate dreams portion down the instrumentality of immoderate precise peculiar sports cars.

For now, a fewer pieces of contented from Nicholas’s video store that are worthy underscoring.

workshop notes

Our commencement illustration is an imprint of the entity astatine the infinitesimal we were born.

In the archetypal section of the video, Nicholas walks america done wherefore astrology has fascinated radical passim time. “The entity has ever acceptable the code and the bushed and the cycles for our life; truthful it was ever precise important to beryllium successful narration with it,” says Nicholas. “Our disconnection from the sky, from the earthy world, is simply a caller thing, and I judge that it is besides astatine the bosom of some our loneliness and our feelings of being lost.” When you look astatine your chart, explains Nicholas, you’re creating a narration to the entity astatine the clip you were born.

There are 3 keys to your astrological chart.

The 3 main components to a commencement illustration are the sun, moon, and rising signs. The prima “says truthful overmuch astir however you shine,” explains Nicholas. “The prima successful our illustration is the spot wherever we volition travel to life. If we don’t fig retired however to unrecorded retired our prima sign, we won’t consciousness alive. It is our root of airy and vigor and life.” While astir of america mightiness beryllium acquainted with our prima sign, our rising motion is the motion that is circumstantial to wherever and erstwhile we were born. “Where that satellite is volition archer you astir wherever you indispensable spell successful bid to consciousness a consciousness of fulfillment,” says Nicholas.

The rhythms of the satellite are however we unrecorded retired our life’s intent connected a day-to-day basis.

“The satellite doesn’t person its ain light. It is simply a assemblage that reflects the airy of the sun,” explains Nicholas. “The satellite is the regular bushed and the rituals that we person each twenty-four hours. It is our closest celestial partner. It is the 1 who is circling america and transmitting information from each the different planets to us. It is the intermediary betwixt america and the remainder of our star system.” It’s done the moon, says Nicholas, that we recognize however to nourish and attraction for ourselves.

Chasing your imagination is not a selfish pursuit.

“We each person a dream. Each 1 of our lives comes with a purpose, and it’s not from the ego that we get that dream. It’s from thing overmuch deeper,” explains Nicholas. “It’s from the soul, and that is imprinted connected the sky. Your astrological illustration is that representation that decodes the imagination that your psyche has oregon the imagination that the beingness has for you.”

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Chani Nicholas is simply a Los Angeles–based New York Times–bestselling writer and astrologer with a assemblage of implicit 1 cardinal monthly readers. She has been a counseling astrologer for much than 20 years, guiding radical to observe and unrecorded retired their life’s intent done knowing their commencement chart.

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