How to Give Yourself a Blowout—and Make It Last

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There’s thing astir a fresh, just-left-the-salon blowout: Hair is softer, bouncier, shinier, smoother, and wide healthier-looking. Whether you benignant your hairsbreadth each time oregon conscionable similar to adhd oomph for peculiar occasions, mastering an at-home blowout—one that looks expertly done—definitely takes immoderate practice, but the close tools, techniques, and hairsbreadth regular marque it easier. From choosing the close hair-dryer to decently sectioning your hair, here’s a step-by-step usher for silky, lustrous results, nary substance your hairsbreadth type.


Start with a Preshampoo Treatment

It mightiness look counterintuitive to dainty earlier you shampoo; indeed, astir hairsbreadth treatments—but not all—are amended utilized afterward. “A bully disguise oregon attraction works past 1 shampoo, truthful if you person bladed oregon good hair, you don’t privation to bash 1 earlier a blowout oregon it volition measurement your hairsbreadth down,” says New York hairsbreadth guru Harry Josh. “On the different hand, if you person coarse oregon heavy hairsbreadth that’s prone to frizz, a attraction beforehand tin assistance seal the cuticle with moisture for a amended blowout.” What’s antithetic astir the caller GOOPGLOW hairsbreadth serum is that it works before shampooing, for each hairsbreadth type—even bladed oregon fine—for gorgeous shine, bounce, and texture.

  1. goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Restore + Shine Hair Serum

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What You Shampoo and Condition
with Makes a Big Difference

“Think of your hairsbreadth regular precisely similar your skin-care routine,” says Josh. “Choose your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to lucifer your hairsbreadth benignant the aforesaid mode you’d prime products for your tegument type.”

  1. For volume

    Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

    Rahua Voluminous Shampoo goop, $36


  2. For softness

    Sangre de Fruta Garden of Earthly Delights Botanical Shampoo

    Sangre de Fruta Garden of Earthly Delights
    Botanical Shampoo
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  3. For gorgeous color

    Rahua Color Full Conditioner

    Rahua Color Full Conditioner goop, $40


  4. For shine

    Grown Alchemist Nourishing Conditioner

    Grown Alchemist Nourishing Conditioner goop, $49



Towel-Dry with Care

Agitating your hairsbreadth with a bath towel is simply a look for breakage and frizz. Use towels specially designed for hair—they’re much absorbent and easier connected hair—and wrapper and compression gently, alternatively than agitating.

  1. Crown Affair The Towel

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  2. Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

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Choose Styling Products by Hair Type

“If your hairsbreadth is ace good (regardless of whether it’s straight, wavy, curly, oregon coily), I urge staying successful the mousse oregon mist category,” says Los Angeles hairstylist and R+Co Collective subordinate Jenny Cho. “If your hairsbreadth is mean to thick, usage a pick oregon an lipid to adhd moisture to creaseless and soften hair.”

  1. Mousse

    Innersense I Create Lift Volumizing Foam

    Innersense I Create Lift Volumizing Foam goop, $28


  2. Oil

    Balmyard Beauty Siren Luster Hair Oil

    Balmyard Beauty Siren Luster Hair Oil goop, $64


  3. Frizz Cream

    Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

    Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner goop, $42


  4. Curl Cream

    Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control

    Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control goop, $26



A Great Dryer Really Helps

What you blow-dry with is conscionable arsenic important arsenic your technique. Look for a high-quality, quick-drying blow-dryer with antithetic vigor settings. Weight is important, too. “Your arms tin get fatigued rapidly with a dense dryer,” says Cho. Josh suggests asking friends for recommendations and looking astatine wherever the dryer is manufactured. “Just similar fancy cars, dryers made successful high-craftsmanship countries similar Italy are often outstanding successful presumption of performance,” helium says.

  1. Ga.Ma. Italy Professional IQ Perfetto

    Ga.Ma. Italy Professional IQ Perfetto goop, $400


  2. GHD Hair Air Flight Travel Hair Dryer

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Use the Right Brush

  1. “A circular brushwood made with boar bristles is large for each hairsbreadth types, but particularly mean to heavy hairsbreadth due to the fact that it has large tension, which creates smoother, shinier blowouts,” says Cho.

    Christophe Robin Pre-Curved Blowdry Hair Brush 12 Rows

    Christophe Robin Pre-Curved Blowdry
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  2. Cho recommends a mixed-bristle brushwood for textured oregon coily hair. “It tin get truly adjacent to the hairline for smoothing,” she explains.

    Crown Affair The Brush No. 001

    Crown Affair The Brush No. 001 goop, $62


  3. Josh likes a strong-bristled brushwood for detangling and pulling tension. “That benignant of brushwood and a almighty dryer are the lone tools that tin manipulate a coiled curl into a satiny strand,” says Josh.

    Philip B. Paddle Brush

    Philip B. Paddle Brush goop, $190


  4. For consecutive hair, Cho recommends utilizing a ceramic-vented circular brush. “They vigor up easily,” she says. “That gives you bully crook astatine the ends, measurement astatine the roots, and large assemblage overall.”


Section Hair
for Efficiency

Section your hairsbreadth and abstracted each information with clips. “It makes the full blowout much businesslike and easier to manage,” says Cho, who says each conception should beryllium astir an inch to an inch and a fractional thick. Josh likes to disagreement hairsbreadth into 5 sections (two successful front, 2 successful back, and 1 connected top) to begin. “If you person a batch of hair,” helium says, “you’ll extremity up dividing it into adjacent much sections.”

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Work from Back to Front

A good, professional-looking blowout takes time, truthful don’t unreserved it. “You privation to commencement successful the backmost due to the fact that it’s much difficult,” says Josh. “Always bash the hard portion first. The beforehand pieces are the easiest, truthful if you bash those first, you’ll tyre retired earlier you get to the back, and you won’t beryllium arsenic thorough.” If you’re idiosyncratic with finer hair, Josh says to commencement by drying the apical section—he calls it “the mohawk”—to springiness hairsbreadth the archetypal assistance and volume. “Start astatine the crown, clasp the hairsbreadth consecutive up, and blow-dry guardant implicit your face,” helium says.


Style Sleek oregon Curly

To get a sleek, consecutive blowout, get your brushwood underneath each conception of hairsbreadth arsenic adjacent to your scalp arsenic you tin and propulsion the brushwood dilatory done the section. Point the dryer, nozzle facing down, astatine the tightly pulled conception and crook it on. Cho says to support the dryer nozzle close, but don’t interaction your hairsbreadth directly. “Think of your hairsbreadth arsenic velvet,” she says. “It looks shiny and creaseless erstwhile it’s brushed down, but erstwhile it gets brushed up, it doesn’t look arsenic smooth.” Slowly propulsion the brushwood down done your hair, pursuing with the dryer, until the conception is wholly dry. When you get to the ends, they should beryllium afloat wrapped astir the brush. Dry the ends fully, past deed the cold-shot fastener to set.

For a bouncier, curly blowout, commencement with the aforesaid steps above. When you get to your ends, wrapper the full dried conception of hairsbreadth astir a circular brush, arsenic if you were wrapping it astir a curling iron. Closely stroke the lukewarm aerial connected it for 10 to 20 seconds (until the hairsbreadth is afloat heated), past fto the hairsbreadth beryllium connected the brushwood until it cools (you tin velocity it up with the acold shot). Gently region the hairsbreadth from the brush.


Make It Last with the Right Finishing Product

Depending connected your hairsbreadth benignant and the look you’re going for, you tin acceptable your benignant with antithetic products—but don’t overdo it. “If your hairsbreadth tends to autumn quickly, usage a small adust shampoo to enactment your volume,” says Josh. If you person curly oregon frizzy hair, adhd gleam astatine the ends with a finishing serum oregon cream.

  1. Act + Acre Plant Based Dry Shampoo

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  2. Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer

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  3.  Mighty Majesty

    Ranavat Fortifying Hair Serum: Mighty Majesty goop, $70



Freshen Up Next-Day Hair with a Blow-Dryer

You tin revive your blowout utilizing the aforesaid sectioned approach. “You tin bash this with oregon without a airy furniture of adust shampoo,” says Josh. He besides recommends sleeping connected a silk pillowcase to support a blowout successful signifier and to assistance minimize frizz. As for putting your hairsbreadth up earlier bed, that’s up to you. “If you sweat erstwhile you sleep, past it’s astir apt champion to enactment your hairsbreadth up overnight,” says Josh. “But it’s lawsuit by case.”

  1. Innersense Refresh Dry Shampoo

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  2. Slip White Queen Pillow Case

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