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Crime Plunges in New York City as Virus Lockdown Takes Hold

New Yorkers are staying put and apparently not committing nearly as many crimes, according to the official stats released Wednesday by the NYPD.

Citywide crime is down almost 17% compared to the same week last year, with dramatic drops in violent crime -- shootings down 23.5%, rapes down 69% and assaults down 9%.

Crime in the subway, which had grown significantly so far this year, was Online News down 33% last week compared to the year before.

Criminals are still stealing cars, as thefts were up 52% compared to the same week last year. That said, the recent trend had shown an increase of 75% for the past 28 days compared to last year, so even those numbers are a bit cooler.

Overall, crime had been on a sharp rise year to date compared to last year citywide, but the past week has seen a crash in the number of incidents.
The White House’s coronavirus response coordinator offered a grim assessment of the virus’s assault on the New York metropolitan area Monday evening: She said that nearly 1 in 1,000 people in the region have contracted the virus, an “attack rate” five times that of other areas.

The coordinator, Dr. Deborah L. Birx, said at a White House briefing Press Release Distribution Online Services that the rate of infection showed that the virus has been spreading for weeks.

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Dr. Birx added that 28 percent of tests for coronavirus in the region were coming up positive, while the rate is less than 8 percent in the rest of the country.

“To all of my friends and colleagues in New York, this is the group that needs to absolutely social distance and self-isolate at this time,” Dr. Birx said. “Clearly, the virus had been circulating there for a number of weeks to have this level of penetrance into the general community.”

In epidemiology, the attack rate is the percentage of a population that has a disease. New York State now has an attack rate similar to that of Italy.

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