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Creativity, kindness and canals offer hope amid outbreak

With lockdown in around 550 districts, India is hoping to break the chain of Coronavirus spread which has infected over 492 people so far. Around 30 states/UTs have been placed under complete lockdown. The death toll from the highly contagious COVID-19 infection stood at nine. After a break on passenger trains across India, Aviation Ministry said that all domestic flights will also be grounded from Wednesday midnight. PM Narendra Modi has appealed citizens to take the lockdown seriously and said it is a lifetime challenge that the world is facing.

Delhi CM Kejriwal also announced a partial curfew in Delhi while Punjab has Online News announced a complete curfew in the state.  As per the latest health ministry data, 446 Indians are active cases of Coronavirus infection. Apart from that 36 have been cured and 9 have died. The number of cases in Maharashtra and Kerala is touching 100. Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh have also seen a rise in cases so far.

During the period of lockdown, goods services will keep on Press Release Distribution Online Services running. Metro and suburban train services have also been restricted in many cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. During the lockdown, state administrations have been advised to keep the essential services running. Hospitals, medical stores grocery and vegetable shops are asked to function normally.

As countries go into lockdown over the virus, there have been significant drops in pollution levels.

Both China and northern Italy have recorded major falls in nitrogen dioxide - a serious air pollutant and powerful warming chemical - amid reduced industrial activity and car journeys.

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