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Coronavirus in N.Y.C.: Latest Updates

Mr. Cuomo highlighted data that showed slowing hospitalization rates. On Sunday, the state’s projections showed hospitalizations doubling every two days, while Tuesday’s estimates showed them doubling every 4.7 days.

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Mr. Cuomo said the $2 trillion stimulus package Online News making its way through Washington would be “terrible” for the state. The legislation passed the Senate late yesterday and is expected to be passed by the House tomorrow. New York’s government would get $3.6 billion, the governor said, not enough to bridge the virus-related budget gap the state is facing.

Mayor de Blasio went further, calling the deal “immoral.” He said New York City would be getting only $1 billion, despite having one-third of the country’s virus cases. Citing various projections, the mayor also said at least half of all New Yorkers could contract the virus.

As of yesterday, New York State had more than 30,000 confirmed cases. That was more than 7 percent of the nearly 463,000 worldwide tallied by The Times. The state had at least 325 deaths. New York City had about 20,000 confirmed cases, and at least 280 deaths.

State officials projected they would need 30,000 ventilators, of which they had 4,000 as of yesterday. Mr. Cuomo said 7,000 more ventilators had been procured, in addition to 4,000 ventilators sent by the federal government.

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The first virus-related death of a homeless New Yorker was confirmed. A man who had been living in a shelter died after being hospitalized for several days, officials said yesterday.

Measures adopted to stop the spread of the virus in New York appear to have put a dent in crime, New York City’s police commissioner said. Mr. de Blasio, however, has noted Press Release Distribution Online Services a surge in bias attacks aimed at the city’s residents with Asian heritage, and he has urged the victims of such crimes to contact the police.

New Jersey announced that it had more than 4,400 cases, including more than 60 deaths.
Weeks ago, back when New Yorkers were starting to shelter at home but it was still kosher to get a little fresh air and take a walk, I invited a few people to suggest modest strolls, one on one, around places meaningful to them.

The goal? Distraction, joy and a chance to describe how buildings speak — historically, personally and differently to different people.

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